Question Paper | Punjab Superior Judicial Service (Preliminary) Exam 2012

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Punjab Superior Judicial Service (Preliminary) Examination 2012

Question Number: 01-10

1. "Coercion" under Indian Law is also known as
(a) Duress
(b) Voidable agreement
(c) Void Agreement
(d) Both (a) and (b)

2. A foreign judgment may not be conclusive if it has not been given on the merits of case
(a) only true in criminal cases
(b) is a true fact
(c) only true in matrimonial cases
(d) not a true statement

3. A landlord can convert a residential building into a non-residential building
(a) Without the permission of the tenant
(b) With the permission in writing of the Controller
(c) With the permission in writing of the tenant
(d) With the permission of the Registrar

4. A landlord may apply to Rent Controller for eviction of tenant on the ground
(a) For his own use
(b) For use of commercial purpose
(c) For sale of the rented area
(d) None of the above

5. A lets immovable property to B at a yearly rent. The rent for the whole of the year 1995, 1996 and 1997 is due and unpaid. The tenancy is terminated before A sues B in 1998 only for the rent due for 1996. A may afterwards sue B for
(a) payment of the whole rent accrued
(b) ejectment but not for the rent due for 1995 or 1997
(c) ejectment alone after the rent is fully paid
(d) no cause of action arises against B

6. A punishment for vexatious entry, search, seizure or arrest u/s 58 (1) a, b & c by any person empowered u/s 42, 43 or 44 Cr.P.0 shall be
(a) Imprisonment up to one month or fine up to Rs. 500 or both
(b) Imprisonment up to three months or fine up to Rs. 1000 or both
(c) Imprisonment up to six months or fine up to Rs. 1000 or both
(d) Imprisonment up to nine months or fine up to Rs. 2000 or both

7 A testamentary document is denoted as
(a) Agreement
(b) A will
(c) Contract
(d) None of the above

8. A transfer made in violation of Section 22 of the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 is
(a) Void
(b) Valid
(c) Voidable
(d) Illegal

9. Abetment to an offence is not constituted by
(a) Conspiracy
(b) Aiding
(c) Compulsion
(d) Instigation

10. According to Hindu Adoption Laws, which categories of females are permitted to adopt a child
(a) Unmarried female
(b) Married Female
(c) Widow or Divorcee
(d) All of the above

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